Born 3/7/2018

Looked out this window this morning. . . SURPRISE! All the mares were claiming him. Ashley just started bagging up yesterday.

Her little filly, born 3/19/2016

by Mini-Go-Round's Geronimo Chief.


 Her little filly born 4/10/2016 


Midnight Lady Ash

Pretty, real nice mare. Gentle, 32".

Sire: Sooner States Gamblers Mobetta

Dam: Regel Shelby


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Not for Sale at this time.
Born 3/7/2018​

Colt is by

​Cotton ​Candy's Hi Ho Silver

Real Sweet Blue Roan.

Nice mare. Gentle/Good Natured. 34". 

Sire: Mini-Go-Round's Geronimo Chief

              Dam: Mini Go Rounds Brown Sugar


Cotton Candy's Chief Nipper 


Mini-Go-Round's Geronimo Chief

Cotton Candy's Koko Frostie

Born 4/16/2018

Lovely Appaloosa Mare.

Perfect Conformation.

Sweet & Gentle. 36"

2018 Colt is by ​Cotton Candy's Hi Ho Silver

        Sire: Mini Go Rounds Geronimo Chief

Dam: Mini Go Rounds Chiefs Black Rose

Mini-Go-Round's Princess Ariel

Here's her 2018 eyes

Great little broodmare.  34.75"

Colt by

​Cotton Candy's Hi Ho Silver

Sire:  CSF Mark Chestnut

Dam: NXS Snow Chant

Miniature Horses For Sale

Its a lovely girl . . .Strawberry Roan

Born 3/13/2018

​Not for sale

Her 2016 Colt
Cotton Candy's Golden Nugget 
* * SOLD * *

​Not for Sale at this time.


BREED: Miniature
PRICE:  $600 After weaning

DOB: 06/14/1999

Not for Sale at this time.

Mini Go Rounds Brown Sugar

Real Sweet Bay Roan.

Nice mare. Gentle/Good Natured. 34". 

Sire: Mini Go Rounds Babes Barney

                     Dam: Hocotts Party Doll

BREED: Miniature
PRICE: $1600 with colt

DOB: 08/13/2007

* * SOLD * *

BREED: Miniature


Cotton Candy's Hi Ho Silver

* * SOLD * *

Cotton Candy's Spirit Elk

Her 2016 Colt

* * SOLD * *

Her 2016 Colt

Cotton Candy's Dark Cloud

Not for sale until after she foals.

Lady Quan Midnight Crystal

Darling Sorrel Roan Pinto.

Nice mare. Gentle. 31"

May be foal to ​Cotton Candy's Hi Ho Silver
for 2018 Spring baby.

Sire: Ramakers Orion Sable Nasdaq

Dam: Spragues Orion Royale Dollop

BREED: Miniature

 DOB: 09/07/2001

Deed Restrictions per Previous Owner:"Grantor imposes the following restriction:  a. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on the Property, except that dogs, cats, or other common household pets may be kept for the purpose of providing companionship. (Specifically excluded, but not by way of any limitation, from the definition of "common household pets" are pot bellied pigs).  Animals are not to be raised, bred, or kept for commercial purposes or for food.  The provisions herein include, but are not limited to cows, horses, bees, hogs, swine, sheep, goats, guinea fowls, ducks, chickens, turkeys, skunks, etc.  However, if, and so long as, the Property is greater than eight acres in size, Buyer may keep on the Property only horses and/or cows in a total number not to exceed one animal per each two acres comprising the Property.  No portion of the Property shall be used for the dumping or storing of trash, refuse, garbage or any other type of waste.  Nor shall there be open toilets or outhouses at any time.  Any use of or on the Property which is, or reasonably could be hazardous or which creates a nuisance or otherwise interferes with the quietude, health or safety of the community shall not be allowed, b. The Property shall be used exclusively for single family residential purposes: however, no mobile home may be situated on the Property, either permanently or temporarily, and no camper may be lived in or used as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.  The forgoing deed restriction shall remain in effect for a period of 75 years from the date of recording of this instrument in the Deed Records of Benton County, Arkansas (2004).

For health reasons, I must drastically reduce my herd.  All mares are sweet, gentle girls 

Mini-Go-Round's Chiefs Black Rose

Great broodmare. Gentle. 34"

Would make a great companion.


Sire:  Double A Cheyenne Chief

           Dam: Diamond DS Doc

BREED: Miniature
DOB: 05/18/2001

BREED: Miniature
DOB: 07/14/2006

BREED: Miniature
PRICE: $1600 with colt.

DOB: 11/26/2006

15.8 Acres Near Garfield Arkansas

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